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Whether you need an immediate pick-me-up or on-going treatment to optimize health, Scottsdale Vanity Med Spa has a variety of vitamin infusions to refresh and rejuvenate you.


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Fat Burner

The Fat Burner is an infusion of vitamins and minerals developed to target increased fat utilization and mobilization. This nutrient formula helps enhance your body’s ability to burn fat. Included are components to support lipoprotein lipase (the fat burning enzyme) and adiponectin (the weight loss hormone).

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Pre & Post Party Recovery

The Party Recovery vitamin infusion supports metabolism, hydration and detoxification to facilitate a smooth recovery. It can be administered prior to a party to optimize stamina or post-party to aid in recovery.

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Calm Inflammation, Inflammation Recovery

The Calm Inflammation Infusion combines natural components to modulate and down-regulate inflammation for post-inflammatory cellular repair. Inflammation may be brought on by poor diet, on-going stress and chronic conditions like allergies and can cause pain and damage to body systems. Both anti-inflammatory and inflammatory cytokines for down-regulation provide the cellular support to help calm inflammation and facilitate recovery.

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The Energizer (Liquivida)

Helps convert food into energy, while improving cognitive functioning, so you feel sharper and more focused throughout the day

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Immune Support

If you’re feeling run down, energize your immune system with a specially blended infusion of vitamins and minerals.

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Custom Infusion

Following comprehensive consultation, evaluation and nutrient testing, the health care practitioners at Scottsdale Vanity Med Spa can recommend personalized infusions that are customized specifically for you.

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Pre-and Post-Workout

Improve muscle recovery, reduce potential cellular damage and support efficient energy use with this healthful vitamin infusion.

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The Serenity Infusion is a soothing combination of nutrients that enhances your return to cellular tranquility and serenity. It includes nutrients to aid GABA, dopamine and serotonin’s calming effects.

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Healthy Skin & Hair

An infusion of biotin, B-complex and antioxidants to support healthy nails, silky, nourished hair and glowing skin.

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Do you feel dehydrated from living in a desert environment? Come in for a refreshing, nutrient-rich vitamin infusion designed to hydrate and replenish dehydrated cells.

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Myers Classic

The Myers cocktail is based on the original infusion work of Dr. John Myers a John Hopkins’ physician who formulated an infusion of micronutrients for a variety of ailments. This classic IV of nutrients replenishes and hydrates for a total body experience. It is still a good choice for many seeking overall maintenance and wellness. A recent study suggests that it can help reduce tender pain points, depression and improved quality of life following weekly treatments.

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Allergy Support

Are you experiencing sneezing and watery eyes? Are your allergies acting up? Unfortunately, this can happen year-round in Arizona. Try our Allergy Support Infusion with nutrients to reduce histamine and its effects, while facilitating histamine clearing in the body.

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Injections/Push when A Specific Nutrient is Needed

Vitamin B12: For neurologic health, improved energy and stamina, as well as general well-being.

Vitamin D: Crucial for bone maintenance and repair, Vitamin D is essential for optimal health and well-being. Frequent deficiency is common, even in sunny Arizona, because we shield ourselves from the sun, use sunscreen and stay indoors to avoid the summer heat.

Vitamin C: Boost your immune system, keeps your cells healthy and speeds up the healing process

Biotin: An important cofactor in fat metabolism, Biotin is also essential for healthy hair and nails.

MIC: This methionine, inositol, choline is a lipotropic combination that facilitates fat utilization and mobilization. MIC may be used in combination with other nutrients to enhance fat metabolism.

Glutathione: This powerful antioxidant counters oxidative stress by facilitating cleansing and detoxification.

Carnitine: Carnitine is required for optimal mitochondrial metabolism and energy production which also supports fatty acid metabolism.

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