Scottsdale Vanity Med Spa’s health care providers are passionate about helping clients experience extraordinary health and optimal beauty through the power of nutrition. Rather than adhering to a specific diet, clients are consulted to discover their preferences and educated to make smart dietary choices.
In addition to being a registered nurse, Colleen has trained extensively in nutrition and plant based culinary arts which qualifies her to provide coaching and education on nutritional issues:i.e. type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


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Initial Nutrition Assessment

  • Sixty-minute assessment and nutrition counseling session
  • Foundation to all nutrition packages and serves as the starting point for change
  • Careful review of your nutrition habits, your health and medical history, dietary supplements and medication use, exercise habits, lifestyle factors, and your nutrition, health, and weight-management goals
  • Optional collection of your height, weight, measurements including body fat caliper track your progress over time.
  • In depth blood anaylsis

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Customize Weight Loss Plan

Scottsdale Vanity Med Spa personalized weight loss program draws from multiple approaches, in depth lab analysis, therapies including Medical HCG, Phentermine, Vitamin Injections, Vitamin Infusions,Fat burning injections, hormonal optimization and supplementation.  Our goal is to help you reduce stubborn fat that could contribute to dangerous health conditions, such as breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes. All of our programs, involve in-depth coaching and support in being successful.  Skype consultation & Distance Coaching available. Call today your appointment with Dr Kupka. at 480-451-7000 ext 2

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Grocery Store Tours, Personalized Nutrition Makeover

Mobile Med SpaHave you ever stood at the front of a grocery store and felt overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Many of us feel lost because of all of the choices in grocery stores today. It can take hours to navigate the maze of aisles and make the healthiest choices. While shopping, you might have questions like:

What is the difference between “all-natural”, “organic” or “healthy” on a label?

· Should all produce be organic?

· How do I manage my budget – when is a less expensive food okay? How long do bulk foods last?

Scottsdale Vanity Med Spa can help you make the best choices for you and your family’s health. Our Grocery Tours take you step-by-step through your grocery aisles to help you make the healthiest choices by teaching you:

· How to choose the healthiest foods

· How to makeover your kitchen for health

· Recipes with anti-inflammatory ingredients

This service is offered to all of weight loss and nutrition makeover clients. Call Scottsdale Vanity Med Spa today to set up your weight loss or nutrition consultation today.  480-451-7000.

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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Autoimmune or Inflammation Issues?

Did you know that is possible to reverse these debilitating diseases?Or at the very least, help your body fight these issues. Dr Kupka and Colleen Kupka R.N. (a plant based culinary chef, educator and holisstic health coach) have designed a 12 week customized program, that will help change your life. The programs do not involve drugs, just real nutrition, real lifestyle change,and real support shaped to fit yoru life.. Both Dr Kupka and Colleen Kupka are active members of the Physicians Health Committee for Responsible Medicine and Plantation Project

Take the step toarrd change by calling for more informaton today.


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