Hormone Balance & Replacement

There is so much you can do to create hormonal harmony by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle.

Begin by nourishing the body with healthy food-non processed, organic,
adding in more green leafy vegetables, and foods that are loaded with
antioxidants, i.e. fruits. Eliminating foods that cause inflammation, and
eventually disease. Cultivate calm and peace into your life (yoga,
meditation) which in turn can help turn off the fight or flight stress

However sometimes, when things become chronic, our bodies can benefit from
some adjustments, and this is how we can help cultivate happy hormones:

  • Detoxing and cleansing the liver
  • Supplement to help heal the gut
  • Vitamin b-12 to help with fatigue
  • Nutrition coaching geared towards your hormonal type
  • Aroma Touch Therapy Sessions which helps with balance & healing

Hormonal Balance, why is it important?

Hormones balance operate in every one of our cells within our body. They have the ability to affect our metabolism, menstrual cycle and growth. If balance is lost, our body is taken out of homeostasis, and is set up chronic symptoms, and disease. When our hormones our off balance it can increase the fat in our blood, increase our risk for atherosclerosis, and coronary artery disease, stroke, breast cancer.


Hormonal Imbalance in Women

Women go through menopause, the menstrual cycle ceases and they;re no longer able to have children. On average, women begin to experience menopausal symptoms around the age of 50. However symptoms can occur sooner around the age of 40-55. Unlike men, who tend to have a gradual onset of andropause, women to tend to experience a more drastic onset with menopause and can affect their every day living, i.e. relationships, work and home life.

Menopause Symptoms:

  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Fatigue
  • Sleepless nights
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Discomfort with intercourse
  • Memory problems
  • Weight gain

Hormones for Men

Hormonal Imbalance in Men

Yes, men go through menopause, and it’s called Andropause also known as male menopause. It begins when the body naturally reduces the production of androgens such as testosterone. Men also experience a reduction imbalances in the level of the thyroid, DHEA, and cortisol. Andropause can occur after the age of 30, with declines of their testosterone about 1-1.5% per year.

Andropause Symptoms:

  • Declining sex drive
  • Decrease in strength or endurance levels
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Increased abdominal fat
  • Reduction in energy levels
  • Decreased motivation
  • Moodiness
  • Anemia
  • Weak erections
  • Depression
  • Deteriorating work performance

Proper hormone replacement therapy includes more than just testing testosterone and estrogen. it’s about making sure all of your hormones are balanced. Our hormone program is customized to your body, we feel it is key to look at other important hormone levels (cortisol, thyroid, adrenal hormones) when it comes to balancing your body, and bringing it back to homeostasis.

We work with several different compounding pharmacy to create just the right bio-identical formula. In addition, we have on site nutritional coaching tailored to you. Within a matter of 4-6 weeks, they symptoms should fade, you will feel revitalized.

Synthetic Hormones

It’s important to know what you’re putting into your own body.

Synthetic hormones are not biologically identical to to human hormones. These are foreign to our bodies, i.e. foreign estrogens, or xeno-estrogens and have potentially dangerous side effects. Many experts today agree that synthetic hormones do more harm than good. Even though the synthetic hormones have only small changes from our natural occurring hormones, they create different responses than our natural human hormones.

What about Bio-Identical Hormones?

Bio-identical HarmonyBio-identical hormones are identical to our natural hormones and come from natural plants such as the wild yam or soybeans. The body is able to utilize them as our natural hormones, producing benefits for our well being, instead of the many health risks associated with the synthetic hormones.

Hormones addressed in BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy):

  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • Estradiol
  • DHEA
  • Estriol

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Harmonize Your Hormones

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